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Welcome to USICON 2020

Kerala is not only famous for its backwaters, temples, Trichur Pooram and elephants, but also for its great hospitality. Urology had its firm roots in Kerala soil and, indeed, Urological Association of Kerala, can legitimately claim to be the mother of such associations.

Kerala has been home to legendary Urologists who reigned supreme, nurturing the specialty and pioneering the efforts to assimilate latest trends and technology in the practice of Urology. It is the proud privilege and good fortune of Urological Association of Kerala to host the 53rd annual conference of Urological Society of India- USICON 2020, and rest assured, you and your family surely will be treated as royal guests and will carry home an unforgettable experience.

Kochi beckons you for a rich cultural and academic feast. Plan ahead and do not miss this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Organised by : Urological Society of India
Hosted by: Urological Association of Kerala


Dear Friends & Esteemed Members,

We, the urologists of Kerala invite you to the God’s own country for celebrating the 53rd Annual Conference of Urological Society of India -USICON 2020 in January 2020. Kerala had been in the forefront of Urology since the inception of the speciality in our country. We carry the legacy of the legendary urologists from this part of the country. Kerala is the most sought after destination for all nature lovers with its beautiful backwaters, hill resorts and the finest beaches. Enjoy the well known hospitality of Kerala with the rich cultural heritage. All of us are trying our best to provide a rich academic feast for all the urologist across the country and abroad.Hope to see you in Kochi

With Regards,


Organising Secretary

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Dr Roy Chally
Dr P Venugopal
Dr.Sasidharan K
Dr Augustine K
Dr George P Abraham
Organising Chairman
Dr Vinod K V
Organising Secretary
Dr Fredrick Paul

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